CoreStrong is a place for everyone from beginners to advanced athletes. We offer a non-intimidating, non-judgmental environment so you can learn how to work your body safely and effectively.

Our classes are graduated when it comes to difficulty. For beginners, we offer a free Introductory class to give clients a primer on the machine and a sample workout. From there, clients can move on to the Foundations class, which is devoted to teaching the foundational moves that prepare you for Classic Strong and specialty classes at CoreStrong.

CoreStrong is a community of people that are proud of each other and there to support you - always. Those worries that you'll hold someone back or look silly if you can't keep up are just mind noise.

Please inform your instructor if you are new, have any injuries or just need a little extra t.l.c. Our instructors are there to help you each step of the way as you learn and adapt to our workouts. Remember that you have to start somewhere - why not start with our expert trainers there to help you?

Honor your body. Compete with no one. Be proud of yourself.