Lagree Newbie: Week 4

It’s been a little over a month since I started working out at CoreStrong Studio in Boise. I’m still loving it, still feeling challenged, and while class has become a regular part of my routine, each individual class feels exciting and new. Transitioning between movements is faster than the first few weeks, because I recognize the names of what we’re doing next, & I remember what I’m supposed to do. This helps keep my heart-rate up and my muscles under constant tension, so that I pack as much as possible into 40 minutes.

But where does my mind go during each movement? Anywhere from 60 seconds, to 2 minutes, I have to slowly - and with control - complete a lunge or a squat or a plank over and over… I watch the sweat fall from my forehead and drip onto the platform below me. I stare at it, and then shake my head to shed a bit more. I think about my form; listening to the instructor cue little tweaks, and I adjust as I hear them. Sometimes an entire 2 minutes is spent trying to get everything just right and keep it that way.

I think about whether or not I can get lower into a squat. I glance in the mirror to make sure my spine is in alignment. I think about the way my core feels during a plank and if I’m drawing my belly button in towards my spine correctly. I remind myself to breathe. When my mind gets loud during something difficult, I slow my breath, and relax my shoulders, and remind myself I can do this. Sometimes my eyes fill with tears. Not because I’m sad, but because the effort I’m putting into focusing, and the way it makes me feel to push myself like this, just doesn’t have any other way to get out.

I feel grateful. I feel fortunate to be here, and lucky to be able to bless my body and my mind with movement and concentration. My muscles are working, my breath is steady, my mind is focused, and when any one of those things get away from me, I am able to remind myself to get centered - and I do… . I feel completely and utterly alive. Captivated by my instructors cues, mesmerized by watching the beads of sweat, not worried about any single thing other than what I am accomplishing for these two minutes, and then the next two, and the next two…

It’s crazy to think so many dramatic things can go on inside of a person during a 40 minute workout, but then again, this isn’t like any workout I’ve ever done before. I went into this experiment excited to see my body change – and it is. But my entire sense of self is growing as fast, or faster, than my endurance or my muscles. I feel proud of myself.

It’s not all sweat, tears, and deep thoughts – after class I get to chat with my classmates and cheer their victories as well. I get excited when my friends text to ask what times I’ll be at class so we can go together. I just enjoy so many parts of this experience and that’s why I get so passionate when I invite people to join me. It’s why I always invite YOU to join me, at the end of every post.

This weekend Ruthie Smith from Trim Fitness Studio in California will be a guest instructor for several classes, and Colleen LaTorre, CoreStrong's newest instructor is joining the class schedule! It’s a perfect time to come out and try a class and see what all the fuss is about. And if you wanna let me know what day you’re going, I’ll try to make sure to be there too so we can high five afterwards, and I can say I told you so. Hehehee!


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