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Lagree Newbie: Week 3

Sometimes, doubt creeps in, just when you're feeling on top of the world.

I am loving my CoreStrong workouts, and I'm working really hard to push myself daily towards my goals. So it seems like a perfect time for doubt to pop-up, and make me question everything I'm doing.

Maybe I'm not cut out for this. Maybe I don't fit in here, maybe I'm not really seeing the changes I think I'm seeing... maybe it's wishful thinking?

I can be obsessive when I try new things - what happens if a little while from now this isn't so exciting anymore? Is this just another fad thing and I'm going to get bored with it? Am I sweating enough at my workouts? Am I pushing myself hard enough?

Very strangely and with perfect timing, this week of workouts challenged me in very new ways. I got to class this week and heard my instructor, Cathy, say "Today, I want you to set your intention... I want you to stay in the movement, muscles under tension, without stopping." Um, okay. No big deal. I've been here daily for a few weeks, I can TOTALLY handle this. I mean, I'm finally kind of mastering the ab work- UM, WRONG! Nope! Cathy had me take away some of the tension, and, let me tell you, that tension REALLY helps. Going without it takes the EXACT SAME WORKOUT I've been doing, and takes it to a WHOLE. 'NOTHA. LEVEL! Talk about leaving your ego with your shoes! I am constantly sweating and shaking, in my sticky socks!!

Getting up early was a little harder this week, and work is very busy, and blah-blah-blah - I have a lot of reasons to bail on my workout and probably feel kind-of justified about it. But, do I want my day to feel hectic AND also feel bad about not making myself and my health a priority? Or do I want to power through my hectic-no-matter what day knowing I carved out 40 teeny-tiny minutes, first thing, that were just for me and no one else?

I'm gonna tell you that even when the alarm blares earlier than I am used to, it feels CRAZY-EMPOWERING to get my butt up, into the car, across town before sunlight, bleary-eyed and unsure what I'm thinking, and GET THAT 40 MINUTES IN.

40 MINUTES YOU GUYS. Not even an hour. If I can't give that to myself, then what am I even doing with my life, you know?

I'm gonna keep doing it. I invite you to come and join me. I don't know what the next week holds, but, one day at a time, I'm gonna keep getting up, and showing up, and sweating all over Cathy's Megaformers. It's easier than it sounds - once I'm there, I just do what she tells me and BAM! 40 minutes later I'm awake and worked out and she tells me I'm done. Can you commit 40 minutes to YOU today? Can you commit 40 minutes to being my workout partner tomorrow? YES YOU CAN YOU GUYS! Come be my workout neighbor and I promise you will love me, and hate me, for inviting you to join what will soon become the craziest, most addictive workout you've ever tried.

I'll give you all the high-five's you can handle, afterward.


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