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Lagree Newbie: Week 2

I’ve been at CoreStrong Studio almost daily and it’s given me a lot of time to get more connected mentally. I’ve had some great results.

First of all, my sleep is amazing. I fall asleep quickly after getting into bed, and I wake up feeling refreshed. It doesn’t take long to feel alert in the morning, and after that, my decision to keep my commitment to class isn’t hard. My biggest problem is deciding which gripsocks I want to rock that day.

Secondly, no matter what I’m doing thru my day - styling hair at the salon, sitting in the car while driving, perusing the racks of workout wear at every. single. store. I go to - I find myself standing up straighter, or catching myself when I slouch, and correcting it effortlessly. There is an indescribable mental shift that goes along with holding your head up high and your shoulders square... it’s confidence, but it’s also more than that. It’s deeper. It’s being unafraid to stand apart by doing what I should have already been doing. And it’s the internal fist pump of knowing I’m literally gliding thru my day with a new sense of gracefulness.

Another unexpected benefit to my new CoreStrong habit, is the change in my routine. I'm up early as my husband leaves for work, so I get to be awake for that goodbye kiss. Starting my day with a Lagree workout leaves me centered and energized, and when I get home from the studio, I see my kids before they go to school, wish them a good day, and tell them I love them. Before, I might not have seen everyone until close to 7 or 8 in the evening. Now, I get to say good morning *and* goodnight.

Last weekend someone told me that I go in to situations believing I’m the court-jester, when in reality, I walk into a room, and I’m the queen. I can’t believe how much that statement has been going through my mind this week, causing me to re-evaluate my approach to just about everything I do. I will always be a little bit silly and clumsy and that’s just part of my personality. But I could definitely do better at remembering that I, just like you, have a power and a presence that deserves to be celebrated. It’s allowed -and important- to stand up tall and keep that crown perfectly balanced atop my head.

Physically, my body fat mass has gone down by almost 2.5 pounds since my first check-in at Nutrishop Boise. I measured my waist out of curiosity and to my surprise, I had shrunk by 1 inch at my waist, and an inch on my hips.

That’s pretty incredible for 2 weeks time, but it really isn’t the thing that is powering my commitment right now. I fully believe that my body will continue to change and that’s going to happen at a different pace for everyone. Where the most change is happening, in the most dramatic of ways, is what CoreStrong and the Lagree Method is doing for my quality of life. And that’s the part that I just can’t wait for you to come and experience with me.

Ready to see for yourself? I’d love to share a class with you! And don't forget to come out this Saturday, November 11th, at 11am for CoreStrong Studio's grand opening celebration! I'll see you there!


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