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Lagree Newbie: Week 1

Hey everyone! I've officially finished my very first week of Lagree at CoreStrong Boise and I am so excited to share about it.

Group fitness class is new for me and as it turns out, I LOVE IT! I love getting to say hello to everyone in the morning, and high-five everyone at the end. I'm not a morning person, but I have been getting up before sunrise to make it to class! So - that might tell you how much I want to be there.

Lagree is definitely challenging, and very different from any workout I've ever done before. At first, I felt a little clumsy, but Cathy did a great job explaining the transitions before they came up, and the class just began to flow from movement to movement.

At my second class, I had a better idea of the position I was meant to be in, so I was more able to focus on getting my form right. I was sore after the first class, but nothing I couldn't manage. And I felt sore in all the right places - core, thighs, booty. Good sore. "My-Body-Is-Changing" sore.

By class 3, I went in thinking "I'll take it kind of easy today - I won't go as deep into my lunges...." But once I was there, I changed my mind and decided I want to get everything I could out of each part of the workout. Every time I think I can't keep going, I just keep going anyway. Some of the workout feels very difficult, but then the next part feels like a nice stretch, and so I never have a notion to give up or stop. And the instructor knows how to keep you focused, even counting down the last 10 seconds so you can hang in there knowing you've almost done it.

By the 4th workout, I could swear I was seeing a difference in my body. I was kind of afraid to admit that. I talked to Cathy before class one day and she assured me that I wasn't crazy, saying that this workout does change you that fast. I was still skeptical, but then even my co-worker commented that I looked slimmer. And the most magical moment was my husband telling me he noticed too – and that my butt looked good. BOO-YAH!

Before I started training, I visited NutriShop Boise and completed an InBody Scan to measure the changes in my body while doing the Lagree Method. The Nutrishop team is great and I've been buying my supplements there for a few years. The InBody scan is pretty detailed and tells you how much muscle, fat, and water weight you have, even breaking it down by body part; trunk, arms and legs. My scan after week one said that I had gone down almost 1% in body fat, and gained about a pound of muscle! In one week!! So with the science to back it up, I decided it’s okay to say that my body is definitely changing and I am so excited.

Are you curious about the Lagree Method and what CoreStrong Studio in Boise can do for you? Then pretty please come try it out with me! You can take your first class for only $15 and see how CoreStrong can help you reach new goals and feel amazing doing it.


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