I'm a Lagree Newbie

Hi! My name is Cara Starr and I’m new to CoreStrong Studio and the Lagree Fitness Method. In fact, almost everyone in Idaho is new to it because CoreStrong is Idaho’s first ever Lagree Fitness Studio! We’re all beginners at the beginning, and I thought I would share a little bit about my journey, to remove some of the mystery about both this method, and the big, strange looking Megaformer which is the equipment this workout is performed on.

I’ve only participated in a group exercise class once in my whole life. I’ve never taken yoga or pilates. So not only is Lagree new to me, the environment is too. But I think I am ready for this challenge and ready to make fitness a social thing so that I have friends and peers to cheer me on in my successes – and to hold me accountable by expecting me there.

So in the next few weeks I’m going to share it all – my thoughts, my challenges, and my triumphs. And hopefully that inspires you to take a step out of your comfort zone too and join me and many others as we lunge, squat and plank our way to our goals.

Are you interested in trying a class with me? You can sign up for your first class for only $15 and you’ll get these very cool grip socks included for free. They keep you stable on the Megaformer and you’re going to want them for all the future classes you’ll be taking! Sign up now and take advantage of this new member special and I will see you there!

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