It’s been a little over a month since I started working out at CoreStrong Studio in Boise. I’m still loving it, still feeling challenged, and while class has become a regular part of my routine, each individual class feels exciting and new. Transitioning between movements is faster than the first few weeks, because I recognize the names of what we’re doing next, & I remember what I’m supposed to do. This helps keep my heart-rate up and my muscles under constant tension, so that I pack as much as possible into 40 minutes.

But where does my mind go during each movement? Anywhere from 60 seconds, to 2 minutes, I have to slowly - and with control - complete a lunge or a squat or a plank over and over… I watch the sweat fall from my forehead and drip onto the platform below me. I stare at it, and then shake my head to shed a bit more. I think about my form; listening to the...

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Sometimes, doubt creeps in, just when you're feeling on top of the world.

I am loving my CoreStrong workouts, and I'm working really hard to push myself daily towards my goals. So it seems like a perfect time for doubt to pop-up, and make me question everything I'm doing.

Maybe I'm not cut out for this. Maybe I don't fit in here, maybe I'm not really seeing the changes I think I'm seeing... maybe it's wishful thinking?

I can be obsessive when I try new things - what happens if a little while from now this isn't so exciting anymore? Is this just another fad thing and I'm going to get bored with it? Am I sweating enough at my workouts? Am I pushing myself hard enough?

Very strangely and with perfect timing, this week of workouts challenged me in very new ways. I got to class this week and heard my...

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I’ve been at CoreStrong Studio almost daily and it’s given me a lot of time to get more connected mentally. I’ve had some great results.

First of all, my sleep is amazing. I fall asleep quickly after getting into bed, and I wake up feeling refreshed. It doesn’t take long to feel alert in the morning, and after that, my decision to keep my commitment to class isn’t hard. My biggest problem is deciding which gripsocks I want to rock that day.

Secondly, no matter what I’m doing thru my day - styling hair at the salon, sitting in the car while driving, perusing the racks of workout wear at every. single. store. I go to - I find myself standing up straighter, or catching myself when I slouch, and correcting it effortlessly. There is an indescribable mental shift that goes along with holding your head up high and your shoulders square... it’s confidence, but it’s also more than that. It’s deeper. It’s being unafraid to stand apart by doing what I should have already been doing. And it’s the internal fist pump of knowing I’m literally...

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Hey everyone! I've officially finished my very first week of Lagree at CoreStrong Boise and I am so excited to share about it.

Group fitness class is new for me and as it turns out, I LOVE IT! I love getting to say hello to everyone in the morning, and high-five everyone at the end. I'm not a morning person, but I have been getting up before sunrise to make it to class! So - that might tell you how much I want to be there.

Lagree is definitely challenging, and very different from any workout I've ever done before. At first, I felt a little clumsy, but Cathy did a great job explaining the transitions before they came up, and the class just began to flow from movement to movement.

At my second class, I had a better idea of the position I was meant to be in, so I was more able to focus on getting my form right. I was sore after the first class, but nothing I couldn't manage. And I felt sore in all the right...


Hi! My name is Cara Starr and I’m new to CoreStrong Studio and the Lagree Fitness Method. In fact, almost everyone in Idaho is new to it because CoreStrong is Idaho’s first ever Lagree Fitness Studio! We’re all beginners at the beginning, and I thought I would share a little bit about my journey, to remove some of the mystery about both this method, and the big, strange looking Megaformer which is the equipment this workout is performed on.

I’ve only participated in a group exercise class once in my whole life. I’ve never taken yoga or pilates. So not only is Lagree new to me, the environment is too. But I think I am ready for this challenge and ready to make fitness a social thing so that I have friends and peers to cheer me on in my successes – and to hold me accountable by expecting me there.

So in the next few weeks I’m going to share it all – my thoughts, my challenges, and my triumphs. And hopefully that inspires you to take a step out of your comfort zone too...

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CoreStrong Studio is almost open and the excitement is building. Are you curious about what CoreStrong has to offer? Wondering what this whole "Lagree Method" thing is? If you're ready to take your first baby step onto a Megaformer, and learn what all the hubbub is about, you're just a few weeks away from getting your chance!

October 18-21, CoreStrong will be offering free preview classes so that you can see for yourself, what this patented fitness method is all about. You'll get to see the new space, and workout on state-of-the-art equipment unlike anything you've ever tried before.

To take advantage of this offer, REGISTER your account on MindBody, our scheduling partner, and choose a class time between October 18-21. When you get to checkout, your total will be $0.00! WOO HOO!

You can also download our FREE app HERE and be only a few clicks away from scheduling not only your free preview class,...


Watch this space for upcoming transformation stories, news, updates and more!


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